Full Chromatic “C” Extensions

We perfected the system for a sleek, unobtrusive and easily adjustable extension.

With so many different types of fingered “C” extensions on the market, we have seen only a few that function well.  Our aim is to install a sleek, unobtrusive and easily adjustable extension.  Many extensions are excessively ornate and take your eye away from the art of the bass, the scroll.  We build or fingered “C” extensions out of solid ebony taking great care in fitting and never cutting into the scroll.  We perfected a system (which I’m sure you’ll see copied elsewhere soon!) that we don’t need to drill a hole through the scroll for the string to reach the tuner.  We painstakingly install an extra pulley so the string rides over the top of the scroll.  This process pulls down on the extension and makes it unnecessary to use a screw to anchor it.  (pretty cool!)

We use a stiff tension spring so you don’t have to stop playing…

We also use a stiff tension spring inside the closer to hold it open when it’s not clamping the string down.  A lot of extensions on the market use pressure and rubber plumbing parts to hold the closer open.  The unfortunate aspect of this type of closer is that you must stop playing to open them.  With the spring system you can slide right through the closers while playing with ease.  We also now use rubber instead of leather to pad the closer for a more solid feel and extended life.

All extensions come with the “E” closer. Additional closers can be added any time.

Extensions are currently $1,450. and come with the “E” closer.  We also install many chromatic extensions with a closer at every stop.  Additional closers are $450. each.  There is no need to buy all of the closers right away, we can add additional closers at any time.

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