Oreste Cavallini (Italy)


A superb 3/4 size powerhouse. Made in Orezzo, Italy circa 1905.  The bass has sloping shoulders making all registers a pleasure to play.  Beautiful and unique bass with subtle violin corners and long “F” holes.

We just finished a complete restoration top to bottom.  The original scroll was grafted onto a new stem and was set to accommodate the demands of the modern bass virtuoso.  The instrument is now in mint condition.

Two piece quarter sawn spruce top. Poplar back and matching ribs. The varnish is a dark reddish brown. New ebony fingerboard and carbon fiber endpin.

This bass can be used for solo and orchestral work.  Plenty of power and character.  An extremely easy playing bass with no weak notes or wolf-tones.

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Body Length

41 7/8″

Bottom Bouts

23 3/8″

String Length

40 3/4″

Top Bouts

18 1/2″

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