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Giuseppe Marconcini, c. 1825 (Italy)Giuseppe Marconcini, c. 1825 (Italy)Giuseppe Marconcini, c. 1825 (Italy)

Giuseppe Marconcini, c. 1825 (Italy)


Daxun Zhang’s incredible Italian bass is up for sale!!
Bologna, Italy, 3/4 size, violin cornered, circa 1825, slightly altered shape, superb condition.

Slab cut spruce top, well flamed maple roundback and matching ribs, original maple scroll, newer tuners .
Huge seasoned sound with all the character you would expect from such a superb instrument. This is the bass on many of Daxun’s incredible recordings!


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Body Length

42 3/8″

String Length


Top Bouts

19 1/8”

Bottom Bouts

26 1/4″

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