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7/8, c.1880’s (Germany)
7/8, c.1880’s (Germany)7/8, c.1880’s (Germany)7/8, c.1880’s (Germany)7/8, c.1880’s (Germany)

7/8, c.1880’s (Germany)

$15,500.00 $12,500.00

Germanic, 7/8 size, gamba shaped, Circa, 1880.

Spruce top, well figured maple back and ribs, original hand cut tuners, nicely detailed lion's head scroll.

Nice even bass, very boomy bottom end, extremely loud, very good condition, back is old but not original.

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Top Bouts

21 1/4”

Bottom Bouts

26 3/4″

Body Length

44 1/2”

String Length


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