French 5/8 size


Amazing rare 5/8 size classic French Mirecourt bass circa 1880.  A superbly made instrument with the power of a much larger bass.  The bass plays great in all registers and moves well under the bow.  A once in a lifetime opportunity for the many players out there struggling with a larger instrument.  Many smaller instruments of this time period were made for young students.  This bass is made for a high level professional!

The bass is in excellent condition and has been set up in our shop.  Everything completely original down to the tuners.

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Body Length

41 3/8″

String Length

39 1/8″

Top Bouts

19 3/4″

C Bouts

13 5/8″

Bottom Bouts

25 1/4″

Rib Depth

7 7/8

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