Photo of Basses at Cincinnati Bass Cellars

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Messina Cases
Available at Cincinnati Bass Cellar. Messina cases offers a durable bass bag that will resist the wear and tear of lesser brands.

Fishman Electronics
Cincinnati Bass Cellar recommends Fishman pickups and electronics. Designed to reproduce the natural acoustic tone of a double bass.

Euphonic Audio Amps and Cabinets
Available at Cincinnati Bass Cellar. Euphonic Audio offers state of the art amps and cabinets for electric and upright bassists. See our inventory of EA amps and “Wizzy” cabinets.

Acoustic Image Amplifiers
Available at Cincinnati Bass Cellar. Acoustic Image amplifiers pack a big punch in a small package. See our inventory of AI Coda, Contra, and Clarus amplifiers.

Pirastro Strings
Cincinnati Bass Cellar stocks a variety of Pirastro strings including the popular Obligato, Flexocor, and Evah Pirazzi. Pick some up next time you are in the shop.

Thomastik-Infeld, featuring the new and popular Belcantos, makes some of the highest quality bass strings available.

Shen Basses
Available at Cincinnati Bass Cellar. Basses by Samuel Shen are featured items in our lower-priced inventory. See our inventory of Shen Basses.

International Society of Bassists
Cincinnati Bass Cellar is a proud member of ISB.

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